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Citadel-Back yard complete patio with flower beds

Our Projects

Rated Best Landscaping Company in Calgary!

Highly rated and reviewed as the BEST Landscaping Company in Calgary, a Professional Landscape Company in Calgary

Way beyond ordinary

A Green Future for landscaping is a thing of unique and exceptional beauty. Always driven by the style and lifestyle of the homeowner, imbued with our love for creative design, and crafted with the highest of skill.

But our goal is more than that perfect outdoor living space. It’s about making the whole experience a rewarding one for our clients. To this end, we offer a friendly, open attitude, informative dialogue and a thorough management of the creation process.

Landscape Design and built from A start to finish

A Green Future Designer will provide ideas, advice and project management to help the process run smoothly with the help of  survey and scale drawings which allows our team provide an accurate estimate to build your landscaping project. with the help of today's technology, A Green Future designer uses 3d design,  the 3d visualisations can really help you to see what your yard will look like after it is complete.

A Green future design and built process for any given landscape project  is split into 4 steps:

Step 1. Free Landscaping Estimation (Consultation)

We will come to your yard to discuss your landscaping project. Keep in mind it is important to know what you are looking for and your budget before we can quote to do the design. We will advise you to look at our website to check our work, we also encourage you to look at other landscaping designs and what you like and dislike. Together with our experience and your inputs, we will then be able to give you budget of the project based on the needs.

Step 2. Landscape Property Report

For the design of your landscaping project accurately we need the property report plan, drawing that shows the current landscaping features. The current landscaping features would include deck, entrance to the property,paving stone, flower beds,trees,retaining walls etc. Which helps quote accurately on any disposal of unwanted materials as well as producing a design that fits your landscaping.

Step 3. 3D Design Calgary

We produce 3D design showing you the layout of the garden including the main features on a computer which can be rotated allowing you to really see what the garden would look like. We come and present this to you at your convenience and from this meeting we draw up the final master plan,taking into account any amendments to the landscaping design we discussed.We also provide an itemized quotation to build the landscaping at this stage so you know the cost of each element within the 3d design.

Step 4. Calgary Landscape Project Construction

Our Project managers ensure your satisfied in every step of the construction and ensure the project is done professionally and the client is happy. We ensure a smooth running of the project from start to finish.